About Us

SMN works on behalf of select clients in a sponsorship acquisition capacity, serving as the exclusive business development firm of record for the property. SMN's role is to ultimately deliver new revenue to its clients through commercial sponsorships.

SMN works together with its clients in all phases of the sales process and provides services including creative/design, extensive research, an aggressive, knowledgeable and experienced sales staff, formalized reporting, and contract negotiation, structuring, drafting and review.



 Develop sponsorship
   acquisition strategy

 Create sales and marketing

   collateral materials

 Incorporate all available

   business and marketing

 Identify and research

   sponsor prospects

 Make initial contacts with


 Present the client’s property

   along with initial ideas for

   the prospect

 Create a tailored program
   around the prospect’s
   business and marketing

 Propose the tailored

 Negotiate sponsorship
   elements and terms

 Draft and review contract

 Deliver sponsor to client

About Us