About Us

SMN's sponsorship consulting division focuses exclusively on working with corporations and communication agencies concerning sports and entertainment sponsorship opportunities and maximizing value and return on investment from these sponsorships.

SMN makes its contacts, knowledge, experience, vast research network, and relationships available as a resource to clients interested in learning more about how sports and entertainment sponsorships can drive business results and achieve marketing objectives.

This division of SMN acts objectively and independently and does not sell any particular program. The services SMN provides are applicable to companies actively participating in sports and entertainment as well as to those considering an involvement.



  Evaluation of sponsorship

  Analysis of competitor
    involvement / programs

  Review of current
    sponsorship portfolio
    (including ROI)

  Provider of cost-effective
    services (no internal
    over-head expenses)

  Knowledge of available
    opportunities and
    competitive pricing






  Develop and structure
    tactical sponsorships
    to support marketing
    and business strategies

  Incorporate business-to-
    business elements

  Structure and draft
    sponsorship agreements
    with proper contractual
    and insurance protection


About Us