SMN’s foundation lies in the management and representation of individuals. Since its inception in 1989, SMN has guided the careers and post-careers of many champions.

The core ability of SMN stems in effective structuring, negotiation, and drafting of contracts. Expert in this very specialized arena, SMN assures its clients are contractually protected for the foreseen and unforeseen, are acutely aware of all pertinent market values, and that the contact serves as the foundation for new marketing and business opportunities.

SMN prides itself not only on the negotiation of winning contracts, but also in the scope and breadth of services offered to its clients. These services range from personal services arrangements, endorsements, personal appearances and licensing to legal and on-going business development.

As representatives, SMN fully understands that the work it conducts on behalf of its clients and the manner in which the work is conducted is a direct reflection upon the clients. Coupled with the integrity and work ethic of the SMN staff of professionals, the successful development and execution of opportunities in these service areas continues to earn the trust and confidence of SMN’s clients.


  • Ancillary / post-career business development

  • Brand positioning & image building

  • Contract drafting and review

  • Contract negotiation and structuring

  • Creative and design services

  • Digital and social media

  • Endorsements

  • Foundations / charity

  • Licensing

  • Maximization of commercial opportunities

  • On-going legal services

  • Personal service agreements

  • Placement with optimal team or organization

  • Speaking engagements & personal appearances


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Since 1989 SMN has served as the exclusive management and representation firm for the legendary and iconic Mario Andretti. SMN’s work for Mario touches the full suite of services the firm provides to individuals. From his days as an active driver through to his business interests, a sample of SMN’s work is below:

  • Negotiation and structuring of driving contracts
  • Planning and execution of Mario’s “Arrivederci” tour (which included over 20 “Arrivederci” licenses) for his last season of full-time IndyCar racing
  • Securing numerous personal service and endorsements with blue chip companies, including current relationships with companies such as Firestone, Magnaflow, and Mutual of Omaha
  • Structuring Mario’s participation in the two-seat IndyCar program
  • Arranged for personal corporate appearances all over the world
  • Licensing arrangements such as Andretti Indoor Karting and Games
  • Multiple book and movie deals
  • Counsel and guidance relative to new business opportunities such as the Andretti Winery and Peninsula Petroleum
  • General counsel role for all of Mario’s business ownership investments